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For all Pinterest lovers out there, Pinterest Save is an online Pinterest downloader to download unlimited and free Pinterest photos, videos, and GIFs.
Did you know? Pinterest is a great place to save and discover information on the internet using images, videos, and to a lesser extent animated GIFs in the form of bulletin boards. And it's a well-designed photo-sharing and social media service with an intuitive discovery tool to find ideas like style inspiration, business, nature, homestay, recipes, etc. You can find great ideas for inspiration with billions of pins on Pinterest. Furthermore, it will allow you to save your favorite discovery pins on the board so they can be easily found. You can not only share Pins created by yourself to share your ideas with other Pinterest fans.
Have you ever attempted to download photos, videos, or GIFs directly from Pinterest? It is an impossibility. Pinterest does not let users download photos, videos, or GIFs directly from its platform. Due to this people were facing a lot of trouble downloading Pinterest media. Pinterest Save is an answer for those who want to download media files from Pinterest in a free and easy way

What is Pinterest Downloader?

Pinterest Save is a single one-click Pinterest downloader for you and it is available 100% free online. It will allow you to simply download photos, videos, and GIFs directly from Pinterest. Our 24/7 online working servers provide the best user experience to Pinterest Save visitors. Feel the scale-up superfast downloading experience of Pinterest media to get all the pleasure.
The Pinterest online downloader has a very user-friendly interface and you don't need any special technical skills to use it. And the most special thing is that you can download any media files to any device like a smartphone (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad), computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), and tablet using our Pinterest downloader. It can smoothly operate with any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, UC, CM, Dolphin, etc. You can also download your favorite photos and videos from Pinterest in different sizes and qualities.
With Pinterest Save, you can download Pinterest photos, videos, and GIFs without any restrictions and at high speed. Don't be late anymore. Try it now!

Why Choose Pinterest Save?

Did you ever ask yourself, why would someone use Pinterest Downloader? And why is Pinterest Save over any other contenders out there? As we all know, Pinterest is a popular social network just like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. How does Pinterest work? It's based on collecting and sharing things you find online with photos, videos, and GIFs. You can use Pinterest to visually share and discover new fashion trends by posting photos, videos, or GIFs on their boards or someone else's. The board represents a collection of "pins" with a common theme. Plus, you can browse more interesting media that other users have pinned.
Does Pinterest allow you to download photos, videos, or GIFs directly from it? Certainly No. If you are a Pinterest user, you already definitely know about that. Because Pinterest doesn’t allow users to download any media files to their device’s hard disk or memory card directly from its platform. That's why you need to install Pinterest Save on your device. It facilitates this difficult and impossible thing and downloads all your media files without a doubt.

Best of Pinterest Save Features

Pinterest Save attracts attention from the rest with the support of numerous features. It appears elegant and on top of all leads a high competition to the alternatives.
So what makes Pinterest Downloader the best?

  • Completely free online tool forever
  • Download Pinterest photos, videos, and GIFs directly with a single click
  • Get photos, videos, and GIFs from Pinterest with different qualities and different sizes
  • Completely free tool forever
  • No need to download any 3rd party software or applications
  • It never asks you to login or signup to use the tool
  • Download unlimited photos, videos, and GIFs from Pinterest
  • Comes with a simple user-oriented interface
  • No need for any technical skills to use it
  • Comes with continuous updates

How to Download Pinterest Photos, Videos, and GIFs with Pinterest Save?

Pinterest downloader is a simple super effective tool to use and you can simply download Pinterest media smoothly and quickly. So how does it work? Here we provide you with an easy guide to download Pinterest photos, videos, and GIFs with Pinterest Save.

  1. Visit the Pinterest website or app on your mobile or PC
  2. Go to the search box and search for what you need
  3. Select the media from the search result that you wish to download
  4. Copy the URL of the photo, video, or GIF that you selected
    • On a mobile, go to the “share” icon which is at the top-left corner, and select the “Copy Link” option. Therefore the URL will be copied to your device clipboard.

    • Pinterest save  Pinterest Downloader

    • On a desktop, go to the address bar and simply copy the long URL from there. Also, you can find the "share" and "Copy link" icons in the top right corner. Click on one of them. If you click the "Share" icon you can select the "Copy Link" button there. Then you may obtain a "Link copied to your clipboard for sharing" message. Using the above methods, you can copy the URL to your clipboard.

    • Pinterest save  Pinterest Downloader

  5. Then go to the Pinterest save
  6. Paste the copied URL into the input box at the top of the Pinterest Save page

  7. Pinterest save Pinterest Downloader

  8. Hit on the “Download” button
  9. Now you can see a preview of the photo, video, or GIF that you selected
  10. There is a “DOWNLOAD” button under the preview and hit on it

  11. Pinterest save  Pinterest Downloader

  12. Your media file will download automatically within a few seconds

PinterestSave is not in any way associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, administered by Pinterest. We don’t host any pirated/ copyright content on the web server. Pinterest videos and Pinterest images are directly downloaded from Pinterest CDN servers.